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23081432_sMAI Companies recognize excellence comes in a variety of forms. Therefore, we are committed to diversity. We believe having a diverse workforce allows us to benefit from a variety of perspectives, and consider diversity essential to our future growth and success. MAI Companies are committed to attracting associates from a diverse talent pool.

We provide equal opportunity in all our employment practices and we work to eliminate discrimination and harassment in all its forms.

In addition to MAI’s commitment to a diverse workforce, we also encourage and support a diverse vendor supplier base. We are dedicated to utilizing minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses to provide the commodities we use.

Cultivating an environment embracing diversity of race, gender, faith, sexual orientation, experience, and thought, is about more than doing the right thing. The thoughtful inclusion of every associate at every level of the business facilitates the open exchange of ideas and engages individuals, allowing them to feel comfortable giving opinions.

In a culture of diversity and inclusion, associates feel valued and respected. They listen to each other and actively consider what they hear. This helps generate new ideas and create solutions that enable the organization to function at an optimal level and realize business growth objectives.

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