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Console LineManufacturing and modular assembly services provided by MAI companies will help you maintain a competitive advantage by delivering cost,  quality, and productivity improvements. But that’s not all! 

When you are relieved of the burden of parts production, particularly the “how-to” kind of issues that siphon off large amounts of time and attention, you are able to concentrate on product development and marketing – activities accelerating growth and success. The bottom line is this…when you partner with MAI companies, we make your business priorities #1.

Launching New Modular Assembly Programs

MAI can launch new modular assembly programs anywhere in the U.S. MAI understands manufacturers expect low cost, high quality, and quick delivery from manufacturing and modular assembly providers. MAI has a successful track record of meeting these expectations. The key to MAIs success is a project management process that focuses on quantifiable measurements to track progress. We identify and confirm solutions to any issues along the way and incorporate past problem history and “lessons learned” from similar projects. This approach gets the project started on time, stays on budget for  implementation, and when production starts there is a PPM level of six sigma or less.

Leveraging Successful Practices Across MAI Companies

When an MAI company improves and perfects a process, it’s a learning opportunity for all MAI companies. By sharing success strategies from one MAI company to the next, innovative practices for reducing costs and eliminating waste are implemented allowing all MAI companies to improve.

MAI companies embrace the following quality tools to ensure process improvement:

  • Lean Systems
  • Six Sigma
  • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Green Belts
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Operational Metric
  • QAV Audits

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