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Modular Assembly Services

ModularAssemblyManufacturing and modular assembly services provided by MAI Companies will help you maintain a competitive advantage by delivering cost, quality, and productivity improvements. But that’s not all! When you are relieved of the burden of parts production, particularly the “how-to” kind of issues that siphon off large amounts of time and attention, you are able to concentrate on product development and marketing – activities accelerating growth and success. Learn more about Modular Assembly Service here.

Supply Chain Management

Supply ChainMAI provides supply chain management solutions ranging from procurement of parts needed for the manufacture and assembly of modules, to delivery of the module itself. Value-added services are our specialty. Our experienced professionals, advanced technologies, and proven supply chain management solutions will save time, reduce inventory, and trim costs. Learn more about Supply Chain Management here.


Sequential Parts Delivery

Sequential PartsWhether you call it in-line vehicle sequencing (ILVS), sequential parts delivery (SPD), or just-in-time (JIT), MAI Companies deliver assemblies to manufacturers when they’re needed and in the proper build sequence. Our SPD services gives you online inventory visibility and lower operating costs. Just think of what you can do with the extra floor space freed up by the reduction of inventory. MAI’s innovative SPD meets and exceeds industry standards and can integrate with the production process of any OEM. Learn more about Sequential Parts Delivery here.

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