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In today’s global market it is imperative you do more with less in order to remain profitable and competitive. Modular Assembly Innovations makes this possible by solving your most complex and costly manufacturing assembly problems.

MAIs team of professionals specialize in designing and implementing sub-assembly modules for all areas of your automotive manufacturing operation. Because of our successful business model, geography is never an issue. We are poised to establish facilities in the vicinity of our customer’s operations. Taking advantage of our expansion capabilities allows you to grow and increase capacity without increasing costs.

Additionally, we’ll reduce the burden of your inventory overhead through our parts procurement strategy and supply chain management. This partnership allows you to realign your resources for improved and timely business development goals.

Benefits Summary:

  • Increase capacity while keeping costs and personnel to a minimum.
  • Solve complex assembly operations with state-of-the art solutions.
  • Relieve the burden of inventory cost through just-in-time delivery.
  • Keep facility footprint under control by avoiding costly expansion.
  • Trim your budget increasing your gross profit margin.
  • Improve quality through custom sub-assembly modules.
  • Realign resources increasing time for new business development.
  • Streamline manufacturing processes for best practices across the board.

Our award-winning track record demonstrates we have several years of proven success.

We specialize in taking your assembly and manufacturing challenges by turning them into win-win opportunities. Take action today by requesting a no-obligation consultation.

Schedule your appointment now. Contact Us Here or call 614-389-4860.

Follow these links to learn more about modular assembly, supply chain management, and sequential part delivery.

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